Teacher Tours

Pay It Forward Tours currently offer teacher tours to Cambodia, India, Malaysia, Nepal, Peru, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Vanuatu and Vietnam.

When you choose to book a Pay It Forward Tour, you will have the opportunity to combine an exciting holiday in a fascinating destination with the chance to connect with local schools and teach in local classrooms.

Our local guides will help you discover the heart of their countries as they provide unique insights into their local cultures, cuisines and customs. Our experienced guides will share their knowledge and passion for their homelands.

While providing you with an amazing holiday is important to us, visits to local schools are the main focus of our Teacher Tours. We encourage teachers to create some resources to take with them on the trip and leave in the schools they visit. Our visiting teachers usually plan a short lesson and deliver it as a form of  PD to local staff. You will have the opportunity to make a deep connection with your local teacher. This connection won’t end when your tour does. We encourage our visiting teachers to keep in touch, exchange resources and be mentors where they can. This is how you are able to Pay It Forward.

Our tours also include a visit to local organisations that provide support to local communities. These organisations include feeding programs, slum schools and vocational schools for disadvantaged youth. You will witness first hand, the incredible work being done to change lives.

Our Teacher tours provide teachers with Elective PD while travelling and visiting local schools. These tours are fully tax deductible for Australian Teachers, as will be your airfare (Please note, Airfares out of Australia are not included in the tour price)

We provide you much more than a fantastic holiday. Our previous Teacher groups who came from different schools across Australia, have now become life long friends. Friends who have bonded through sharing unique, life-changing experiences.